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Top 5 Teeth Whitening Facts with a Cosmetic Dentist in LoHi

November 12, 2018

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beautiful white smile LoHi has quickly become one of the hottest neighborhoods in all of Denver, which means it’s a premier place to go see and be seen. Of course, no one really wants to be seen if they have noticeable stains on their teeth, whether they’re due to coffee, wine, tea, tobacco, or natural aging. That’s where professional teeth whitening comes in. In just an hour or less, you can get rid of annoying dental discoloration and give yourself a smile that’s ready to literally light up the town. If you’re thinking about having your teeth whitened, here are the top 5 things a cosmetic dentist in LoHi wants you to know. (more…)

Dentist Answers, “Can You Still Get Cavities with Porcelain Veneers?”

May 1, 2018

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young woman with pretty smilePorcelain veneers. Whether someone is an international movie star or a working parent, this one treatment has been used to literally create millions of gorgeous smiles around the world. If you’re one of the many people who is currently thinking about getting them, here’s something you might not have considered: cavities. One of the most common dental problems, does getting porcelain veneers make you more or less likely to develop cavities? Today, your Highlands dentist gives you the facts you need before you beautify your smile. (more…)

Get Rid of the Gaps Thanks to Invisalign

February 14, 2018

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woman wearing InvisalignWhenever you look at yourself in the mirror, you can see it. The same goes for whenever there is a picture of you online. You can even feel it whenever you’re talking to someone, so you’re sure they notice it as well. Of course, we’re talking about that gap in your teeth, the one that bothers you constantly. Fixing it is relatively simple these days, but you just can’t imagine facing the world with a mouthful of metal braces. However, thanks to Invisalign in Denver, you no longer have to! Now, you can get the flawless smile you’ve always wanted without affecting your daily appearance. (more…)

Lifestyle FAQs about Invisalign in Denver

December 2, 2017

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Invisalign smileInvisalign is one of the most popular orthodontic treatments around the world, enabling people to finally get beautifully straight smiles without bulky metal braces. However, even if you’re sure that it is the perfect treatment for you, you probably still have plenty of questions! You can learn all you need about the basics of Invisalign in Denver on our page right here, but in today’s blog, we’re going to answer a few more common questions our Invisalign patients tend to ask. We like to call them “Lifestyle Questions,” and they’ll help you gain a much better idea of what to expect during your treatment. (more…)

Dentist Reveals the Top 3 Reasons to Straighten Your Teeth

November 17, 2017

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perfectly straight teethA new bar has just opened up in your area, so you and your friends are going to meet up and give them a warm welcome to the community (as well as sample some of their wares). You know everyone will have their phones out taking pictures aplenty, so you flash a quick smile in the mirror to make sure you’re prepared. Of course, all you can notice is just how crooked your teeth are, and suddenly you’re extremely self-conscious. You’ve wanted to straighten your teeth for years, but you just couldn’t make yourself undergo the expense and hassle of orthodontic treatment just for aesthetic reasons. However, straightening your smile actually has numerous other benefits beyond improving your looks, many of which can directly impact your long-term oral health, and today, your dentist in Denver is going to share just a few. (more…)

Dentist Discusses Full-Mouth Reconstruction vs. Smile Makeover

September 26, 2017

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smiling young womanYou’ve lived with several dental problems for years, and now you’re finally ready to get your smile back, so you take to the internet to see if there is a dentist who offers everything that you need. You notice that many of them can help people in your particular situation, but the terminology isn’t consistent–you see both “full-mouth reconstruction” and “smile makeover.” They kind of sound the same, but are they? Which one would be better for you? Today, we’re going to talk about the differences so you can know exactly what your smile needs.   (more…)

Invisalign: Your Clear Path to a Straighter Smile

July 8, 2017

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Get a new smile the right way with Invisalign. You spend a few extra moments in the mirror one morning, and after looking at your crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth, you’ve decided enough is enough. You’re finally ready to get them straightened. Of course, you then run into the same problem you encounter whenever you feel this way: you’re already self-conscious about your teeth, and the absolute last thing you want to do is bring more attention to them by getting noticeable metal braces. However, thanks to Invisalign, you can now get the straighter smile you’ve always wanted without a mouthful of metal. With Invisalign, you’ll get the best when it comes to appearance, comfort, and efficiency with just one treatment. (more…)

We’re Your Award-Winning Dentist in Denver for 2017!

April 2, 2017

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We’re your top dentist in Denver!5280 Magazine has named Pearl Dentistry as a Top Dentist in Denver and Colorado for 2017! Dr. Jayme Glamm, Dr. Stefanie Walker, and our entire team are very excited and flattered. 5280 Magazine gives out these awards every year and we’re proud to be on it yet again! Want to know how we did it? Read on to learn more about the award itself, and how we intend to keep winning it in 2018 and beyond. (more…)

5 Things To Look For In a Cosmetic Dentist in Denver

March 13, 2017

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5 things to look for with a cosmetic dentist in Denver.  You’ve decided that your house needs a new coat of paint. It’s a great house that you’ve carefully taken care of, but the outside doesn’t necessarily reflect that. What do you do? Do you go to the hardware store, find your favorite color, and instantly break out the roller? Of course not. You want a professional to take care of it so you know that you will get the best possible result. If you’re going to have to look at it every day, it should be perfect. The exact same can be said for making your smile more beautiful. While many dentists in the area offer cosmetic services, not all of them have the training and experience you need. There are a few key things you should look for when choosing a cosmetic dentist in Denver, and here are the 5 main ones. (more…)

Dentist in Denver: Happy National Children’s Dental Health Month!

February 1, 2017

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National Children’s Dental Health Month with your Dentist in Denver.Happy National Children’s Dental Health Month! What, you didn’t know NCDHM was February? During this time, dental professionals, healthcare providers, and educators all come together to talk about the best ways to take care of Denver’s littlest smiles. This year, the slogan is, “Choose Tap Water for a Sparkling Smile.” Today, your dentist in Denver from Pearl Dentistry is going to talk a little more about NCDHM, and how you can use it to help your child’s smile. (more…)

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