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Custom dental Lab work Completely Personalized for You

Dental lab technician GuidoMeet Guido Strupp: Our Trusted Dental Lab Technician

When dental patients are in need of crowns, bridges, or other restorations, most dental offices have to rely on the services of an outside lab. This can result in a lack of familiarity and tedious wait times. Thankfully, Pearl Dentistry is happy to offer the services of Guido, our talented lab technician that is just minutes away! His skill is truly exceptional when it comes to creating quality, personalized restorations, and the close proximity allows our doctors to oversee the process so that results are guaranteed to be as ideal as possible.

Guido is dedicated to crafting quality dental restorations and has numerous years of experience working in dental laboratories internationally. Located just minutes away, Guido is dedicated to artfully crafting the most aesthetic solution. He studied at the Gabriel Dental Laboratory in Trier, Germany graduating in 1992, and entered a Master Program in Freiburg Germany in 1996. He earned his Master Dental Technician degree in 1999, and relocated to Denver, CO where he worked for Gnathodontics, Ltd. Since then, Guido has worked in numerous laboratories and gained expertise in customizing crowns, veneers, and the most complex cases. He founded Dental Arts by Guido in 2011 and offers the highest quality restorations available in the US right in our backyard.

Tour Guido's Lab

Dental lab
Dental lab table and tools
Guido working at dental lab table
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