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Dentist in Denver: Happy National Children’s Dental Health Month!

February 1, 2017

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National Children’s Dental Health Month with your Dentist in Denver.Happy National Children’s Dental Health Month! What, you didn’t know NCDHM was February? During this time, dental professionals, healthcare providers, and educators all come together to talk about the best ways to take care of Denver’s littlest smiles. This year, the slogan is, “Choose Tap Water for a Sparkling Smile.” Today, your dentist in Denver from Pearl Dentistry is going to talk a little more about NCDHM, and how you can use it to help your child’s smile. (more…)

5 Healthy New Year’s Habits from Your Dentist in Denver

January 3, 2017

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5 easy tips from your dentist in Denver. It’s a new year, which means one thing to many people: New Year’s Resolutions. What do you want to be better in 2017? Your health? Your appearance? Why not improve both and give your smile a little attention. These 5 healthy habits from your dentist in Denver at Pearl Dentistry will help your teeth look and feel better than ever this year, and make other people take notice. (more…)

December 2016 Update From Your Dentist in Denver

December 5, 2016

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How is my dentist in Denver involved in community?This time of year is busy for everyone, and that includes the team at Pearl Dentistry. Dr. Jayme Glamm, Dr. Stefanie Walker, and all of the staff like to use this time of year to give back to the community and reflect on the past year. Here’s what your dentist in Denver has been up to in 2016. (more…)

Visit the Dentist in Denver LoHi & Win Tickets to the Broncos!

November 15, 2016

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dentist in denver lohi giving away broncos ticketsFall is a time to give thanks. At Pearl Dentistry, we are thankful for you, our loyal patients! Your dentist in Denver LoHi is giving away two Denver Broncos tickets to show just how much we appreciate you and our local community.


Invisalign® in Denver

October 20, 2016

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If you want Invisalign in Denver, contact Pearl Dentistry now for a special offer!Who doesn’t like a special money-saving offer? If that offer happens to be the opportunity to improve your smile two different ways, then you’ve got a sure winner. Pearl Dentistry currently has a seasonal fall offer that gives you $500 towards Invisalign® and FREE smile whitening for a total value of $1,000! This special offer is available between October 1st and December 31st, 2016 so call our office today to schedule your consultation.


Advanced Sedation Dentistry: Now Offered at Pearl Dentistry

August 13, 2016

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Meet your sedation dentist in Denver.

Meet your sedation dentist in Denver.

Sedation dentistry has quickly become a preferred form of dentistry due to the many benefits the use of sedation offers patients. Often, people are hesitant to go to the dentist due to dental fears and phobias. Not to mention, the discomfort of certain procedures further makes people avoid going to the dentist. Now, you can overcome your fears and experience far less discomfort with your sedation dentist in Denver. Dr. Jayme Glamm has completed a certification to offer advanced oral sedation. As a result, she is able to offer oral sedation and nitrous oxide at the same time—perfect for those with dental anxiety.

Traditional Braces vs. Invisalign in Denver: Which is Better?

June 3, 2016

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Invisalign in DenverWhile most people who undergo orthodontic treatment are teens and children, adults still have options for straighter teeth. However, many young adults are hesitant to undergo orthodontic treatments because they don’t want to deal with the unsightly appearance of brackets and wires. Although advancements in orthodontics have made traditional braces less noticeable with lingual braces, they are still noticeable. For young adults looking for the most discreet way to straighten their teeth, Invisalign is the best option. Invisalign in Denver offers the perfect option to get the straight smile you’ve always wanted without wires and brackets.

Invisalign in Denver: Right for Your Smile?

May 2, 2016

invisalign in denverIf you need orthodontic treatment, we’ve got good news: clear braces can give you the results you want, without everybody else knowing you’re straightening your teeth, too. That’s right! Invisalign is the practically invisible treatment option for bringing your bite into proper alignment. At Pearl Dentistry, we’re proud to offer Invisalign in Denver — so your orthodontic treatment can be our little secret!


3 Tips For Choosing The Best Dentist for Invisalign in Denver

April 11, 2016

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Invisalign in DenverInvisalign is the preferred choice for orthodontic care because it allows you to gain a beautiful straight smile using nearly invisible clear trays. The aligner trays are custom-made to meet each individual’s needs to move the teeth into their correct alignment. While Invisalign is less invasive and requires a shorter treatment time than traditional braces, it does take a great deal of skill and precision to create a customized treatment plan. As a result, you need a dentist who is capable of delivering the results you desire when choosing Invisalign in Denver. So, how do you know if you’ve found the right dentist? We have the tips you need to ensure you’ve made a wise choice.

Welcome to Our Blog: Your Denver Dentist

March 14, 2016

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%t^P#*IRjrNWW!9e(hfeUVEGAt Pearl Dentistry, we are committed to providing a different dental experience that’s customized just for you. With a mission to provide the most complete oral health care while enhancing education about oral health, we are excited to announce our new blog. As a leading Denver dentist, we want to see you have a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts for years. We’ll help you maintain that beautiful smile, even when you’re not in our office, by sharing valuable information about oral health on our blog. We want to take dental care a step further by allowing you to get to know us through our personal blog.

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