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Laser Dentistry-Denver, CO

The Future of Dentistry is Now

At Pearl Dentistry, our team strives to stay on the cutting-edge of dental technology so we’re able to consistently deliver the highest quality care. To that end, we have recently invested in the Gemini diode laser, a fantastic piece of equipment that seemingly comes from the not too distant future. With its highly-concentrated beam of light, we’re able to quickly and painlessly help patients with gum disease, cold sores, and fibromas. Read on to learn more about why both our dentists and patients love our new laser!

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

dental laser

Treatment for Cold Sores

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Cold sores tend to pop up on the lips when people are stressed, and the options to treat them used to involve either taking a pill or simply letting one go away over the course of a week. However, with the laser, we can now help a patient get rid of a cold sore in just one day. We simply apply the laser directly to the sore, and this will kill the underlying virus, causing it to disappear in no time.

Treatment for Gum Disease

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Gum disease is a bacterial infection that forms deep below the gum line, causing irritation and damage to the soft tissues. This bacteria can be pretty hard to reach with traditional tools, but it’s easy work for the laser. We simply aim the laser at the infected area, and it can literally vaporize harmful bacteria in a matter of seconds. Even better, it can do this without affecting the surrounding healthy gums, meaning a patient shouldn’t have any lingering discomfort after treatment.

Removal of Fibromas

targeted cold sore

Fibromas are small and benign growths of soft tissue that can develop in the mouth, and they are typically brought on by irritation in the area. Instead of having to cut them out with a scalpel like in the past, laser dentistry now makes their removal easier than ever. The laser is actually able to cauterize the tissue in the area as it works, so there is little to no bleeding during this procedure, and we likely won’t have to place sutures as well. 

Come Experience 21st-Century Dentistry

If you’re dealing with any of the problems mentioned above, we can use our laser to take care of it right away and help you get back to your normal life in no time! To learn more about our laser or schedule an appointment here at Pearl Dentistry, give us a call today.